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  • Bacteria Testing
  • Colorimeters
  • Economy Water Quality Indicator Meters
  • Flow Meters
  • Hach Test Kits - Best Choice - View Category Index
  • Deluxe Demonstration Kit
    Hach Test Kits With Color Wheels
    Hach Water Test Strips
    Hydrogen Sulfide - Sulfur Test Kit
    Iron and Hardness Test Cube
    Replacement Reagents
    Water Sample Bottles
  • Iron Testing
  • LaMotte Water Testing Equipment - View Category Index
  • LaMotte Model AR-02 Combination Test kit
    LaMotte Model AT-38 Water Quality Demo Kit
    LaMotte Smart Colorimeter
    LaMotte TDS Pocket Tester
    LaMottes Individual Test Kits
  • Myron L Instruments - View Category Index
  • Calibration Standards
    DS and pDS Meters- Conductivity TDS and pH instruments
    Model EP
    Model EP-10
    Myron L Instrument Carrying Cases
    Myron L Model EP11/pH
    Myron L Panel Mount Instruments - View Category Index
    Myron L Panel Mount Water Conductivity Meters
    Myron L Panel Mount Water Resistivity Meters
    Myron L Techpro Water Testing Meter
    Myron L Ultrameters
    NIST Certified Calibration Solutions
    Replacement pH Sensors
    RO Meters
  • pH Testing
  • PurTest Test Kits
  • Water Quality Indicator Lights - View Category Index
  • Resilite LED Test Light
    Resilite With Control Module
  • Water Testing for the Classroom - Science Fair - Water Testing
  • WaterSafe Do It Yourself Test Kits
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